We offer a full communications management service, both for your outward facing comms with customers and clients, and internal comms for larger organisations where it's important for staff to communicate well with each other. 
External Comms
We can help you project a consistent, strong brand message across multiple platforms - your web and social media presence, your interactions with press and media, and in your communications with customers and clients. Whether it's designing and producing a newsletter, or mounting a large short-term sales and marketing campaign, we can help. We represent charities, businesses, MPs, and artists.
Internal Comms
For many large organisations, it's important for everyone to be on the 'same page'. Understanding what is happening in other parts of the organisation is key to projecting a consistent brand image to customers and clients. We can build intranet sites for your staff, design and produce internal staff newsletters, conduct staff satisfaction and wellbeing surveys on your behalf, and much more.
Staff Training & Policy
It's important for staff to have clear guidelines as to how communication within your organisation works. We can help you design simple, concise policy documents to outline how staff should handle enquiries from press and media, and how they can best represent your organisation's aims and objectives.
We can also offer specialist training in Communication Skills, how to deal with Honest/Challenging Conversations, how to handle customer feedback skilfully and professionally, and how to create an open culture of dialogue and respectful exchange of views between team members. Using Continuous Improvement/LEAN, we can help embed a culture where every staff member has ownership of their role and feels able to innovate and maximise efficiency within their own team. 
Contact us on 07766 049329 or at info@mammothcomms.uk to discuss your requirements. 
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