We have a strong belief in simple, effective online media. We want your customers and clients to be able to access the facts and services they need via attractive, easily-accessible websites and social media platforms. 
We can design, set up, and manage these for you - or we can provide you and your staff with the training to maintain your platforms themselves.
The increase in online shopping and e-commerce presents valuable opportunities for businesses and charities to grow. Whether it's an online store for your business, or a fund-raising site for your charity, we can help. We believe the power to update and change your website should rest with you, not us. If you want us to manage your site for you, we can; but platforms such as Adobe Portfolio make it easy for you and your staff to make quick adjustments and edits yourselves. As part of our complete design service, we're happy to offer training in this. 
Social Media
The huge range of opportunities presented by the growth of social media can be overwhelming. Again, we make it simple. We can set up social media accounts and manage them for you - or train your staff in how to make the most of Facebook, Twitter, and other popular platforms. Paid advertising is a fantastic way for businesses, charities, and other organisations to target specific customers or audiences, and we are skilled in getting the best value for money. Just a £50 social media advertising spend can generate a reach of 10,000 people - targeted across the whole world, one country, or even your local neighbourhood. 
Contact us on 07766 049329 or at info@mammothcomms.uk to discuss your requirements. 
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